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An explanation of the cause is an insufficient level of oxalic acid in the blood needed to kill and remove abnormal cells from the blood.


and tobacco is a weed plant.  My research reveals that oxalic acid is God's chemotherapy which kills bacteria, virus and abnormal cells (cancer).  A mean value of 288 mcg of anhydrous oxalic acid/100 ml was reported for normal human blood.  Those who smoke marijuana for pain relief can put dried bulk green tea in their pipes, smoke it and receive pain relief as both items are weeds and contain oxalic acid.  

There are five items that effect the level of oxalic acid in the blood of Mammals.  I put them in order of their negative effect on the blood level of oxalic acid.  

The first item is CITRIC ACID:  This acid removes excess and/or undesirable acids from the blood and when needed the body will produce it.  Taken orally it does the same as when the body produces it -  it does remove oxalic acid from the blood.  

The second item is CALCIUM:  In considering calcium - its primary source is cows' milk and/or items with added calcium in the ingredients.  Almonds are a great source of calcium as they have many other nutrients that combine with the calcium when absorbed by the blood.  One should keep in mind that Vitamin D is required for absorption of calcium; 15 minutes of sun exposure per day will provide one's Vitamin D requirements.  

The third item is ELECTRIC MAGNETIC FIELDS (emf):   Decomposition of oxalic acid in the blood is caused by irradiation which occurs when one is exposed to electric magnetic fields.  The microwave is one of the strongest sources of electric magnetic fields in the home and probably the major cause of breast and lung cancers in humans.  If there is oxalic acid in food products it will be decomposed as well.  Battery currents will seldom cause decomposition of oxalic acid but oxalic acid will decompose if it is subjected to alternating current as it is in most new cars.

The fourth item is VITAMIN B-6:  This is pyridoxine and it is produced by the kidneys when necessary to control the level of oxalic acid in the blood.  

The fifth item is ALCOHOL:  When used to excess, alcohol removes oxygen from the blood creating abnormal cells.  I have confirmed, by the use of an Alcohawk Pro, that when alcohol is used oxygen is removed from oxalic acid in the blood causing a person to become inebriated (the Alcohawk Pro is used by many police departments).   By taking a couple of squares of dark chocolate, placing them outside of the teeth against a cheek letting the chocolate dissolve, holding the juice until necessary to swallow, oxygen is restored in the  blood by absorption of the oxalic acid in the chocolate.   This is the same procedure angina victims now use to control pain with the nitro pill.  This does not help those who are drunk but does those who have a glass of wine with dinner.  

See my websistes or for a history of the research and development of three US Patents and the procedures for the victims of Cancer and various Viral and Bacterial infections to follow in self-curing disease.

Now, how about looking at past claims that second hand smoke causes cancer; specifically the law suit by DELTA Airline attendants that second had smoke was causing lung and breast cancers?  (Note: I hold a Commercial Pilot's License issued by the Federal Aviation Agency).  I have talked to a number of airline pilots and learned that the smoking ban made no difference in the cancer rate of the cabin attendants.  The cancer was caused by the "electric magnetic fields" from the food warmers and the coffee makers, etc.  Today, with the addition of more electricity dedicated to the passenger section so computers and other electronic "toys" can entertain the passengers, there is more exposure to "emfs" and the cancer rate will increase among the cabin attendants.  

One reason why there is such little progress in finding the various causes of cancer is that biology courses such as the one taught at the University of Arkansas do not identify all the elements in human blood and they do not identify the "citric acid cycle."

As an example of what oxalic acid can do for those who risk getting in trouble with the courts by smoking marijuana for pain relief …  the same pain relief can be realized by putting bulk green tea in their pipes and smoking it.  Green tea is a weed just like marijuana and contains oxalic acid.

And now, let's review the blockers: 1) Citric Acid;  2) Calcium;  3) EMFs;  4) Vitamin B-6;  and 5) Alcohol.

When you shop read the "List of Ingredients" printed on the labels and keep in mind the number one blocker, citric acid.  I believe it is the number one cause of not only cancer but also many other med ical problems like viral and bacterial infections because it removes oxalic acid from the blood.  In my opinion, because it is found in so many food and beverage items at all food stores and markets, and since Wal-Mart is the largest corporation in that industry, they would be the number one cause of cancer where ever they are located.

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